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Lily`s beanies :)


My little girl got  jealouse of her grandpa`s hat, telling me she wanted one similar to it, giving me the perfect excuse to keep my promise of making other beanies of the same pattern i used for my dad`s with different colours and accessorizing it a bit :))

I made her 2 beanies and she loved them and i fell for this pattern more and more, i used gloria canan yarn this time and  like it, the colours are nice for a 2.5 yrs old girl and the fit was perfect.

the flowers i got from fellow crocheters on their blogs and the designs are nice, here are the links for the flowers` patterns :




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A Hat For My Dad :)


My dad has been asking me to make him a hat for a while and it has been really cold here these past few days, i found this pattern on and it`s the simplest i ve ever made, i love the fact it only took me 2 hours to finish, i hope it fits cuz i think it looks good and the yarn is alize bebe batiq, one of my favourites :), i made 7 increase rows and about 5 rows for body, i m probably gonna make more in different colours isa and maybe accessorize it a little bit 🙂

link to the pattern :




The 25 Ways Scarf :)

A few days ago a friend of mine posted this video titled “25 ways to wear ur scarf” on facebook and i just loved it, so i thought why not make a scarf  that is simple but in the same time would give different colours and looks according to the way it`s worn :), i aimed for it to be a simple pattern that any beginner just starting to learn how to crochet would enjoy making it and eventually wearing it.

so here is the pattern :

* gauge : u really don`t need specific gauge for this project, just do it as it suits u, i prefer it to be a little long to fit any look u ll wear.

* yarn : (i used 3 skeins of yarn, and playing with the colours was a vey imp. thing to get the look i wanted)

1-the multicoloured yarn is Alize Bebe Ba tiq 3.35 Oz, 383 yds

2- the pink and white ones are gloria canan 100 % acrylic 100 gm no. 3.7

I have to say the yarns worked togethere really good and i love there firm yet soft and rich texture, the colour blend gave the affect i was hoping to get.


ch.> chain


dc> double crochet

pattern instructions in english :

– chain any odd no. u d like according to the size u want

– row 1 :  insert hook in 3 chain from hook (counts as first dc), 1 dc in same ch., ** skip a ch., 2 dc in next ch, skip a chain, 2 dc in chain ** repeat from ** to **

– row 2 : chain 3 (counts as first dc), dc in sp. bet. lower dcs, 2 dc in next space bet. lower dcs, and keep going like that while changing colours then fasten off and enjoy wearing ur new scarf.

plz for any inquries leave me a comment and i d be happy to answer.

the link of the 25 ways to wear ur scarf video on :

my page on facebook :

to follow me on twitter :!/lamya_rashad

شرح الباترون باللغه العربيه  –

 هنعمل سلسله باي عدد فردي يدينا المقاس اللي نحبه ويناسبنا

 الصف الاول : هندخل الابره في الغرزه الثالثه بعيدا عنها و نعتبر هذه الغرز الثلاثه هي اول عمود بلفه, و بعدين نعمل عمود بلفه في نفس الغرزه, نفوت غرزه, نعمل اتنين عمود بلفه في الغرزه اللي بعده و نفو ت غرزه و بعدين اتنين عمود بلفه في الغرزه اللي بعدها و نمشي كده لاخر السطر

الصف التاني: هنعمل 3 سلسله نعتبرها اول عمود و بعدين نعمل عمود بلفه في نفس المساحه اللي بين العمو اللي تحت, و بعدين لاخر الشغل نفضل نعمل اتنين عمود بلفه في المسافه ما بين العمودين بنفس الغرزه و نغير الالوان زي ما نحب لحد ما نخلص 🙂 و بكده تبقي الكوفيه خلصت-

and finally another look fo r this pattern that i hope u ll like :


My Etsy Bitsy Shawl :)

my etsy bitsy shawl for my mom


I made this shawl, that i love so much, according to the pattern that`s available as a free pdf download at ( www. )  named “elise shawl ” that u could find at this link after u sign up into this amazing site filled with free patterns and talented fellow knitters and crocheters>

the pattern is written and  drawn, i got alittle lost at the written pattern but the diagram is really clear and super easy.

I used alize batiq gold mohair, and it`s perfect for this pattern, it`s also my first time to block an item and it worked very well, i used wet blocking technique and it gave amazing results, the stitches like blossomed and the yarn looked less angry :), it gave it extra length and enhanced the border look.

i made mine of only way skein of yarn, that`s why it looks a little small but i think 2 skeins would be sufficient for  nice looking one, i m glad my mom loved it and i guess i may try the pattern with other colours isa.

to learn more about the blocking technique check the following link :

for any info. or inquiry plz leave me a comment and i ll gladly answer, thank you.