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My Etsy Bitsy Shawl :)

on January 12, 2012

my etsy bitsy shawl for my mom


I made this shawl, that i love so much, according to the pattern that`s available as a free pdf download at ( www. )  named “elise shawl ” that u could find at this link after u sign up into this amazing site filled with free patterns and talented fellow knitters and crocheters>

the pattern is written and  drawn, i got alittle lost at the written pattern but the diagram is really clear and super easy.

I used alize batiq gold mohair, and it`s perfect for this pattern, it`s also my first time to block an item and it worked very well, i used wet blocking technique and it gave amazing results, the stitches like blossomed and the yarn looked less angry :), it gave it extra length and enhanced the border look.

i made mine of only way skein of yarn, that`s why it looks a little small but i think 2 skeins would be sufficient for  nice looking one, i m glad my mom loved it and i guess i may try the pattern with other colours isa.

to learn more about the blocking technique check the following link :

for any info. or inquiry plz leave me a comment and i ll gladly answer, thank you.


2 responses to “My Etsy Bitsy Shawl :)

  1. Welcome to the blogging world
    It’s really beautiful shawl. 🙂 The colors break in awesome way.
    I have just found your blog and I’m sure I’ll visit you very often ISA 🙂

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