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A Hat For My Dad :)

on January 15, 2012


My dad has been asking me to make him a hat for a while and it has been really cold here these past few days, i found this pattern on and it`s the simplest i ve ever made, i love the fact it only took me 2 hours to finish, i hope it fits cuz i think it looks good and the yarn is alize bebe batiq, one of my favourites :), i made 7 increase rows and about 5 rows for body, i m probably gonna make more in different colours isa and maybe accessorize it a little bit 🙂

link to the pattern :




2 responses to “A Hat For My Dad :)

  1. msa you’re fast 🙂 great beanie. I’ve heard that there was snow in Alex! I couldn’t believe, as here in Poland where it should snow a lot in winter, it also came just yesterday (at least in my city).

    • You ve been to alex. 🙂 that`s amazing, i currently live in cairo but my home town is alex. and i realllllly miss it, and yes it`s true, it snowed there and we can`t believe it 🙂

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