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Lily`s New Bolero :)

on August 15, 2012



I was thrilled to find a simple and amazingly easy free pattern for a bolero designed by Yasmin Gamal on her blog ” the c side of chocolate mints in a jar blog ”

it took only 2 days to make ( 2 busy days ) and i love it, i needed one for my 3.5 yrs old daughter, to match a dress i got her for the feast ( not the one in the picture) and this pattern turned out to be just what i wanted, needless to say ofcourse that Laila adores it




I had this yarn for ages and didn`t know what to do with it, i didn`t like the colour much and multicoloured yarns are really difficult in finding a project that truly shows its beauty, but amazingly it worked for this pattern and it suits the dress.

the yarn is Batiq design Alize diva (silk Effect ), this bolero used less than one skein.

i m definitely gonna make more of it, maybe one for me 🙂




5 responses to “Lily`s New Bolero :)

  1. Simple yet very beautiful 🙂

  2. I like the colours you’ve chosen! =D

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